The old Stop Motion Store Website

Our New Online Store!

If you've visited our store page in the past, you might have noticed that it was in dire need of fixing. The tiny images, the grammar and the strange placement of sections that were broken.

Since creating my sculpting service, it started to take over most of my time for many years. Plus my current new film has been taking up my spare time on top of that. I admit that I neglected things for far too long. After getting e-mails from customers about broken parts of the site, I realized it was time for change.

I put aside the time to fix the previous site, but then noticed that much of what was broken was beyond repair. This was true of as well, which is why we overhauled it last year.

In the end, Shopify looked to be best service to host the new store out a few places you can choose from. It is now what this site is built upon.

What do you think of it? Let me know in the contact area if you run into issues or don't feel the product descriptions cover all your questions. I'll take a look and do my best to improve things for everyone and make it the best experience possible!

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