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Marc Spess Sculpting Service

Marc Spess Sculpting Service

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Do you need sculpture to immortalize someone you love? Or maybe you need a sculpt for a stop motion puppet? Perhaps you need a digital character for a game you invented? Marc Spess can make you a sculpt from your designs. Marc has done work for the Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, Disney's Sweet Tart candies, and more recently for clients who wanted full sized portraits.

Marc has extensive experience using polymer, water based WED and oil based clay. I also have experience in all scales from tiny to full sized, real and digital.

See Marc's full gallery of his very latest sculptures by clicking here.

Marc has made sculptures for clients interested in capturing the likenesses of celebrities for public display such as the famous Gary Garabedian display in Bronx NY.

Testimonial for a clay puppet job: Marc was efficient at giving me the adequate information for shipping prices and times and such and when the puppet finally arrived, I was overwhelmed to find that he had packaged everything so well. He had taken care to wrap all areas of the puppet such as the limbs and head and nothing was damaged at all. Marc had also sculpted some replacement mouths, which were in fine condition and that looked really pleasing when used as an addition to my puppet. So far, he has given me advice from his experiences for animating the clay puppet and I have taken it all into account. ~ Anthony Michael Abdy: antscartoons at

Marc sculpted Cat (Julie Newmar) and Bat Woman for the Hollywood 66 Museum

I have four 3-D printers and also use Shapeways as a service to meet the specific needs you may have.

To make your sculpture I will need a few things from you....

- A detailed drawing of the front and side of your sculpture if possible. The more detail in the drawing and description - the better the sculpt will look.

- The dimensions of your sculpt

Contract alterations: On big jobs revision fee's may apply to any changes done that are not in the original reference drawings or written agreements.

See my current sculpting schedule on this page.

To get a quote contact Marc on our contact page here

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