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Six Piece Puppet Eye Filing Set

Six Piece Puppet Eye Filing Set

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If you plan on drilling your own eye balls for your stop motion puppets, these files will make all the difference.

Simply carefully hold slide any of the six small files over the Delrin balls we sell to make a flat spot. Then when you drill the eye, place the tip of your drill bit on the flattened spot. The tiny drill bit won't slip off and save you from a ton of frustration!

We also recommend these files because they have a fine toothed edge. Large wood working or metal working files are much larger and harder to control and you can waste your Delrin eyes by attempting the same process with them. They also leave little unwanted grooves and you can't see what you're doing.

These files are also great for filing Sculpey and Super Sculpey after they are baked. Simply clean the files with a small tooth brush if material builds up in them and re-use. Do not file aluminum as it will gunk up the grooves and is hard to remove.

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