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Armabenders 1 Armature Kit Extra Arm Tubes "Aluminum"

Armabenders 1 Armature Kit Extra Arm Tubes "Aluminum"

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If you have an ArmaBenders 1 kit (older version), you may know that it includes a set of tubes to hold the wire that you animate.

You can insert solder wire or aluminum wire and epoxy it into tube before inserting it into the wrist piece. This allows you to make your own custom hands and is a great feature.

There is only one problem. What happens when the wire eventually breaks and needs to be replaced?

The answer is - you will need a new tube because the included tubes will be filled with broken wire and epoxy.

The spare tubes we carry are made of aluminum and are 2.75 inches long.

Includes - 1 tube

Note: These tubes will only work with previous ArmaBenders 1 kits we have sold.

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