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AS AliExtra Stop Motion Wire Armature Kit

AS AliExtra Stop Motion Wire Armature Kit

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The Value Aluminum Armature another ideal choice for those starting out in animation. These wire kits come with:

-A fully customizable design
-Easily replace worn out wires
-Threaded tie-down system

The Animation Supplies Value Aluminum Armature is made from components specifically designed for the purpose. Our armature is made up of three strands of twisted 2mm aluminum wire.

The Aluminum Armature kit comes complete with everything you'll need to make your own armature. It has been designed so that it can be easily constructed to meet most character designs. It is largely constructed from high quality aluminum, making it very lightweight. It includes Stainless Steel feet which come complete with a standard threaded tie-down system and are fully compatible with the magnetic systems that we offer.

Free Bonus 2 Part Epoxy Resin! Just mix up the two parts of epoxy on some cardboard or throw-away surface and apply to the insides of the included tubes.

This armature is an excellent choice for anyone starting out in stop motion animation. It is easy to work with and offers a full range of movements. It is also a great choice for any background or minor characters where a full ball and socket joint armature isn't necessary.

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