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AS Animation Set Stage 24 X 24 X 11 inches

AS Animation Set Stage 24 X 24 X 11 inches

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The Animation Supplies Animation Stage (or set base) is used as a platform to put your stop motion puppets on. The holes allow you to put tie downs under them so your puppet stays securely in place to animate.

These large stages are expertly crafted from beautiful Birch Ply. The top of the stage measures 24 x 24 inches and the perforated galvanized steel sheet measures 23.6 x 23.6 inches. The holes in the sheet are 5mm in diameter. The stage is 9.4 inches (11 boxed) high and features side access holes on all four sides.

These stop motion set stages have been designed so that they can be easily bolted together to form much larger stages. The stage also includes additional internal plinths which can be used to either clamp or screw the stage to your animation table. This ensures that it will not move unexpectedly during your animated shots.

Our stages allows you to easily tie-down your character, using either our threaded or magnetic tie-down systems.

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