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AS Pre-Made Aluminium Stop Motion Wire Armature

AS Pre-Made Aluminium Stop Motion Wire Armature

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The Ready-made Aluminum Armature is a simplified version of the AliExtra. It is a great choice for those starting out in animation at a minimal price. Unlike the kit version, this assembled armature includes heat shrink on the twisted wire legs, offering additional durability. It also features easily replaceable wires so that if your character's limbs breaks you can quickly slot a new one in place. It also includes threaded holes in the feet which can be used with our M4 tie-down rods as well as our magnetic tie-down systems. These are sold separately and are available here.

Despite its low price, this armature kit is made from the highest quality materials. We only use annealed aluminum wire, ensuring that you get an armature which is not only a pleasure to animate, but is also durable and long lasting. These kits are made with precision, quality and value for money in mind.

Ready-made Aluminum Armature Includes:

- Five strands of 2mm Aluminum Animation wire twisted together and covered in heat shrink for the legs.

- Two strands of 2mm Aluminum Animation wire twisted together for the spine and arms.

- Hex key for removing and replacing limbs.

Not included (choose your options):

Since these armatures can use both threaded tie downs and the magnetic tie down systems, you will need to choose which you would like.

- M4 threaded tie downs which are sold here.

- Magnetic tie downs are sold here.

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