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AS Professional Stop Motion Magnetic Tie-Down System

AS Professional Stop Motion Magnetic Tie-Down System

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The Professional Magnetic tie-down system includes an extremely powerful N38, Nickel plated 7/8 inch Diameter, 1 1/2 inch thick magnet.

This stop motion magnetic tie-down is so powerful that it can hold up to 77 pounds of steel!

The magnet is then housed in a brushed aluminum housing. The housing not only offers protection from the enormous power of the magnet, but also it easier to maneuver your puppet into position. The system is compatible with all of our AS branded armatures as well as our AS rigging system.

Using a magnetic tie-down also means that you don't need to worry about inserting threaded tie-downs through your set floor. This means that you can have more elaborate and detailed surfaces to your set. In addition, threaded tie-down can often be fiddly and time consuming. Using magnets is usually a much quicker way of working. Leading studios like Aardman often use magnets to tie-down their characters.

It is important that you use a magnetic metal set floor (sold here if you don't have one) for the magnetic tie-downs to work. Although the Professional magnets are extremely powerful, they will not hold your puppet properly if you use a wooden based floor. We recommend perforated steel for best results and we offer both a complete animation stage as well as sheets of galvanized perforated steel which are perfect for this.

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