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AS ProPlus Stop Motion Armature Kit w/FREE Threadlock

AS ProPlus Stop Motion Armature Kit w/FREE Threadlock

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The ProPlus Animation Supplies stop motion armature kit consists of 14 ball and socket joints which are made from hard wearing stainless steel. As with our Professional Armature the joints are more than 30% smaller than those of our Standard Armatures.

Like our Professional Armature, the ProPlus benefits from toe joints as well as 8 fixed joints, both of which enable realistic movement. In addition to these features the ProPlus also includes rigging points, ball jointed wrists, additional spinal flexibility as well as improved joint configuration which allows for full shoulder articulation.

The rigging points can be used in conjunction with our optional rigging system to help achieve animation of the highest quality. Rigging is used regularly in the top animation studios. It enables animators to create the illusion of defying gravity and accomplish effects like flying, running and jumping.

Testimonial: Just finished a bit of animation with my new armature kit and it works great! I've never felt more at ease animating, it's so dang sturdy! Thank you again for all your help before. ~ Kyle Stephens

The ball jointed wrists have been designed to incorporate the armature's hands and include recesses into which wire fingers are screwed into place. The fingers come complete with hard wearing protective heat shrink tubing.

Kit also comes with threaded tie downs to allow your puppet to be secured to a set floor for walking and standing.

Testimonial: Thank you for the excellent armature you have supplied. I am using the armature in a robot animation for my final year project at university. The shoot is going well and I am really enjoying animating with the armature. ~ Sam Brown from Hampshire, UK

The ProPlus Armature kit comes complete with everything you need to make your own high quality armature. It has been designed to be fully customizable and can be constructed to meet most character designs.

A detailed scale drawing can also be seen by clicking and expanding the pictures.

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