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AS ProPlus Stop Motion Armature Hands

AS ProPlus Stop Motion Armature Hands

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These hands are used with our ProPlus stop motion armature kits, but you can utilize them for your own custom puppet creations too. The hand has been designed to combine the armature's hand, fingers and a ball jointed wrist in a single component. The fingers simply screw securely into place allowing them to retain their position during animation but also for them to be easily replaced.

The hands can be used used with our Professional stop motion armature kits as well as the ProPlus.


2 x Hand components
2 x Threaded balls
2 x Patched setscrews
6 x M2 machine screws
3 Meters 1mm wire
1 Meter 2.5mm heat shrink
1 x 2mm Allen key


AS Professional Armature
AS ProPlus Armature

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