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Bend-D's 1mm Aluminum Armature Wire (3 Feet)

Bend-D's 1mm Aluminum Armature Wire (3 Feet)

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You will get 3 feet of spare 1mm annealed aluminum armature wire for your Bend-D's puppet making needs. Since it is annealed it will not break quickly like other types of wire you can buy.

Suggested Uses:

- Use this wire if you get any of our armature hands
- This wire works perfect for inserting on the head holes of our armature kits
- You can use this wire with our extra armature feet and it will support a light puppet (we recommend 1/16" for heavier puppets)
- Use this wire to attach to your own props and then stick this thin wire into the armature hand holes. This way your puppets can hold objects strongly.

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