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Bend-D's 2X Stop Motion Armature Feet W/Wire

Bend-D's 2X Stop Motion Armature Feet W/Wire

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What is included with the Bend-D's Human Feet?:

- 2X 3-D printed PLA plastic feet
- 4X M-4 nuts
- 1X 1 foot of 1mm aluminum Wire
- 1X 1 foot of 1/16" aluminum Wire
What you need (not included):

- M4 Stainless Tie Downs (if you want to use them or don't already have them as they are included with our armature kits)

- A 1/16" drill bit and multi-speed drill. Drill out the holes slowly and carefully only if you want the foot to accept this thicker 1/16" wire which we recommend if you want your puppets to walk.

- Any common 5 minute epoxy, hot glue or super glue to glue the wire into the toe holes if you want to use the toe piece.

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