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Bend-D's Flying Rig 3-D Printable Files (Instant Download)

Bend-D's Flying Rig 3-D Printable Files (Instant Download)

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Do you own a 3-D printer of have access to one? Then you can print out your own Bend-D's Flying Rig and Connector! You will get a zipped file that includes both sliced parts that you can print right away on your own printer.

It is always best to use the slicer settings for your specific printer for best results.

The Bend-D's Flying Rig Printables Zip Includes:

- GCode to print the Rig Bars in PLA
- GCode to print the Rig itself in PLA
- Bend-D's Rig Connector .STL file
- Bend-D's Rig Bars .STL file
- Bend-D's Rig .STL file
- Image preview of the parts
- Manual .PDF

What you need for the Bend-D's Flying Rig:

- 5X M-4 bolts
- 5X M-4 wing nuts
- 2X M-4 tie down nuts (to embed in base)
- 1X Rig connector [for use with the Bend-D's Simple Kit] with 2X M-4 bolts
- Disk magnets (if your set floor is magnetic, not required)
-Aluminum armature wire (1/16" diameter, if you want to suspend small props through holes)

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