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Bend-D's Stop Motion Jumping/Flying Rig/Surface Gauge

Bend-D's Stop Motion Jumping/Flying Rig/Surface Gauge

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What are Bend-D's Flying Rigs? They are used as an attachment to our Bend-D's armature kits or your own puppets and props. By adjusting the included arms, puppets can become suspended into the air frame by frame without having to worry about gravity.

Another great reason to use these rigs are the vast amount of attachment points for armature wire. Wire is inserted through the holes and the ends of the wire can be connected to other puppets, props - or any object that needs to be elevated and animated in your scenes.

The rig has several ways to tie it down (attach it) to your set. Use tie downs (that come with your Bend-D's armature kit), disk magnets (found here), pins (if your set is soft Styrofoam) or by placing a heavy object on it. Loop connections on the back allow you to use wire, zip ties, string or twist ties to anchor your heavy object.

The rig can also double as a surface gauge. Using it as a gauge gives you a way to make your animation smoother.

Bend-D's Flying Rig/Surface Gage Kits Include:

1X 3-D printed PLA plastic flying rig kit
5X M-4 bolts
5X M-4 wing nuts
2X M-4 tie down nuts (embedded in base)
1X Rig connector [for Bend-D's Simple Kit] with 2X bolts

What you need (not included):

- Disk magnets (if your set floor is magnetic)
- Aluminum armature wire (1/16 inch) (if you want to suspend small props - comes with human armature kit)

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