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Bend-D's Spare Armature Hands W/Wire

Bend-D's Spare Armature Hands W/Wire

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Hands are very hard to make for stop motion puppets. These 3-D printed hands are strong, light weight, won't react with foam latex or silicone and won't fall apart!

These hands will help you focus on animation, not repairing your puppet in the middle of a shot. Three holes in the palm allow you to attach props and items to the hand by inserting some wire.

Bend-D's Spare Hands Include:

- 1X 3-D printed PLA plastic hands (1 left and 1 right)
- 1X 12 inches of 1mm aluminum wire for the fingers

What you need (not included):

- Aluminum armature wire (1/16 inch if you want more firm fingers) (comes with human armature kit)

- Do you want the finger holes to accept thicker 1/16" wire? Then you will need a 1/16" drill bit and multi-speed drill. Drill out the holes for the finger wires slowly and carefully.

- Any common 5 minute epoxy, hot glue or crazy glue to glue the wire into the toe holes if you want to use the toe piece.

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