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Clay Smoothing Techniques Revealed! (20 min) Instant Download

Clay Smoothing Techniques Revealed! (20 min) Instant Download

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Have you ever made a puppet or sculpture, and it just doesn't look smooth? Or maybe the clay on your puppet cracks and you want to know how to smooth these problems out? It's pretty common because getting your fingers into all the cracks and crevices of a sculpture is almost impossible. Especially if you have large hands and fingers. This tutorial solves those problems.

In this video tutorial you will learn how to smooth....

- Claytoon Van Aken animation Clay "US"
- Newplast animation Clay "UK"
- Sculpey, Super Sculpey, Gray Firm Sculpey and polymer clay
- Roma Clay used for molding

You also learn how to...

- Make dirty old sculptures like new
- Keep different colors from blending onto each other

You will get:

- A 305 MB .MP4, Run Time: 20 minutes

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