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Foam Latex Puppet Making 101 (1 hour) Instant Download

Foam Latex Puppet Making 101 (1 hour) Instant Download

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Do you want to learn how to make foam latex puppets like you have seen in the Nightmare Before Christmas or a Ray Harryhausen stop motion film? If so, "Do It Yourself! Foam Latex Puppet Making 101" is a one hour instructional video download that shows the entire process of turning an original sculpt into a camera-ready, foam latex puppet that is designed for animating.

-Kathi shows you how to design your sculpt in a way that allows for easy mold-making.

-She takes you through each step to make a durable Ultracal mold from your sculpt, providing the tightest seam possible. Her tricks make it almost impossible to mess up. Since buying materials for foam latex puppets can get expensive, you really don't want to waste it by creating an improper mold. Plus a proper mold means you won't waste time having to re-sculpt your puppet and start over.

-You'll learn how to fashion a strong, basic, fully animatable aluminum wire and pro-poxy armature with tie-downs in the feet. Tie downs allow your puppet to walk around on your set without falling over.

-Kathi teaches you how to run a batch of foam latex to cast your puppet. This can be tricky to try on your own. Everything from humidity to the temperature of the air can cause problems, and even the pro's make mistakes. But at least you stand a better chance of getting it done properly the first time. A common problem is to inject your foam and have the mold halves to get stuck together. Kathi explains how to avoid that from the start.

-Then, she shows you how to de-mold, trim, seam and prepare your puppet for painting. After all that work, adding the final touches can make your puppet look it's best. But first you need to learn how to get the mold apart, something that if not done properly will cause your puppet to stick to itself. Don't worry - the solution is super simple!

-Finally, Kathi shows you how to give your puppet a long-lasting paint job and have a finished product that is as seamless as possible. There is no better feeling then to hold in your hand a finished puppet that can be animated and look great at the same time! Painting is what everyone will see, and Kathi shows how easy it is to mix up your own latex paints and apply them.

The video also comes with several extra downloadable items:

-A detailed diagram of the wire armature to help you construct it.
- Product resources, an armature diagram and other materials to help you with your foam latex puppets.

Testimonial: "Recently I bought the Kathi Zung How-To DVD and delrin eyeballs. I was very surprised when they came in such nice padded envelopes with no damage at all. ( I have to admit for a home based business, I thought it would be worse.) After I painted the delrin eyes, I looked online to see if there where any cheaper ones and Marc's products were exceptionally low. Try it out yourself, you'll be impressed." ~Joe Ahern

With this video download you will be able to make some of the nicest puppets in the same way they did for MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch TV show. We have a 30 day money back guarantee so there is no risk. All that could happen is you learn how to make awesome puppets!

You will get a (Run Time: 2 1/2hour) "499 MB" zipped .MP4 with informational documents and diagrams.

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