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Hair Sculpting Techniques Revealed! (18 min) Instant Download

Hair Sculpting Techniques Revealed! (18 min) Instant Download

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Do you want to add realistically sculpted hair to your puppets and sculptures? Sculpting hair is one of the toughest things to sculpt until now.

In this video tutorial you will learn how to....

- Find and utilize reference photos
- Use custom sculpting tools for the right hair texture
- Which steps to take before you even add hair to your puppets
- How to plan where the hair should go
- How to build up the clay in a certain way so it will look realistic

You also learn how to...

- Sculpt clay depending on its color and why this makes a difference
- Use a very inexpensive texturing tool that is available to everyone near a grocery store

-Smoothing the hair texture for a final finish

You will get one "130 MB" .MP4 Run Time: 17:27 minutes

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