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How to Build Minature Sets (2 1/2 hours) Instant Download

How to Build Minature Sets (2 1/2 hours) Instant Download

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Do your puppets live in a far away galaxy, or maybe they live inside a deep dark swampy forest? Do they live inside an apartment, or perhaps in a big city? If not then you probably don't know how to make worlds for your puppets to live. That's where How to Build Sets for Stop Motion comes into play.

In it you will discover the secrets of.....

- Finding the right tools for the right job so you avoid buying un-needed gadgets

- Planning a set using your internet connection and finding reference images

- Avoiding mistakes of new stop motion artists such as making your set designs bigger than the studio space you have, and how to think big without needing to build big

- Using specific types of woods that can determine how your set will look and how much your set will costs

- Making your set structurally secure so that an accidental bump of your foot won't mean the end of hours of animation - even if your set is flimsy

- Painting your set using various special techniques such as priming, washes, dry brush and a special shading technique that the pros use

- Using the right glues and epoxies for the job so you avoid making a sticky mess that will even affect your paint job if done incorrectly

TESTIMONIAL: I just finished watching the DVD's on set building - BRILLIANT! ~ Fish

- Creating removable walls and set sections so that you don't end up having to rip your set apart to insert your camera or reach your puppets

- Filling tie down holes "for puppet walks" so that your camera and audience won't even know you drilled 50 holes all over your set floor

- Making outdoor scenery such as hills, trees, rocks and landscapes

- Chroma keying "blue and green screen" techniques that are helpful for special effects and backgrounds

You will get a (Run Time: 2 1/2hour) "1.19 GB" .MP4

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