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How to Make Brass Tube Armatures for Stop Motion (2 hours) Instant Download

How to Make Brass Tube Armatures for Stop Motion (2 hours) Instant Download

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Armatures are one of the most important parts of any stop motion puppet because they allow your characters to walk, wave their arms, gesture and move the way you want!

Wire spring back is a major problem with aluminum wire armatures, and the methods on this video show you how lead wire armatures remove that problem completely. Many people don't know that these armatures behave the same way as expensive ball and socket armatures - there is no spring back and they move super smooth.

The techniques can be used for aluminum wire as well if you can't find lead wire, or want to use aluminum for safety reasons.

Here are some of the things that I will teach you in this video:

-Different metal cutting methods using metal saws, plus how to drill holes in the brass parts

-Heating and soldering brass pieces together

-How to apply Flux and heat properly

-How to create detachable parts for sculpting, replacement parts and repairing broken wire pieces

-Tapping holes for tie downs so your puppet can walk

You also learn the art of......

-Modifying lead wire for snug fits in the square brass pieces

-Applying epoxies in the right areas

-Considering animation limitations of the wire armatures and how to make the necessary changes

-Heat Shielding Material and where to find it so that you don't burn your table and for safety reasons

-Making animation rigs for your puppets using brass tubing and simple items you may already have

-How to make your newly made brass tube and wire armature puppet walk with tie-downs

This tutorial will make it easy for you to understand all of these things in order for you to create successful armatures!

Testimonial:....He goes in-depth on everything needed in his selection of videos and e-book (available on the site), to express yourself in this wonderful art form. The site contains all you need at the click of a button to get to work on your animated films. Highly recommended!" ~Frank Sales

*Supplies for these armatures can be found at these links if you can't find local suppliers:

McMaster Online Metals Roto Metals

If you don't already have aluminum armature wire, see our page here to get some.

So don't give up, download our video now so you can learn how to keep your puppets from collapsing and falling over!

You will get a 1.19 GB .MP4, Run Time: 1 hour 47 minutes

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