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How to Sculpt Puppets for Clay Animation (4 hours) Instant Download

How to Sculpt Puppets for Clay Animation (4 hours) Instant Download

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Learn to build a puppet from scratch in this four hour long downloadable video!

Everyone starts out making sculptures and puppets that don't look nice. That's because there aren't a lot of helpful people or places teaching how to utilize the special tools and tricks - unless you work in a big studio. And most people don't get that chance.

So don't beat yourself up for sculptures that don't look nice.

In our video download, we explain exactly....

- How to attach clay to an armature
- How to sculpt hair and other textures
- How to paint and modify eyes
- How to sculpt hands, fingers, and thumbs
- How to make new colors

Testimonial: The 'How To Sculpt Puppets For Clay Animation DVD' is quite unique to most instructional videos. When you think of the 'instructional video' you usually expect 'just the facts'. What I like about your video is your in-depth discussion, thoughts, etc., you get the camera right in on your models, and talk freely which is really helpful, especially for people who have a real interest in model-making/animation, etc. Good stuff.~Frank Sales

You will also examine several different puppets, and learn the different methods used in creating all aspects of them. Including....

- How to properly smooth your puppets
- How and where to use scrap clay
- How to transfer a design on paper to clay
- How to properly smooth your puppets
- How to lighten your puppet for filming

Watch as plain pieces of colored clay are slowly turned into Humpty Dumpty.

You Also Learn...

- Where to use hardening clay
- Where to use polymer clay
- And many more secrets!

- The zipped MP4 video has been updated with picture gallery, reference of Humpty for you to print, clay information and smoothing technique that will make your characters super smooth.

With this tutorial your puppets will look more clean, professional and alive. Just like the ones on this site.

You will get a 1.95GB .ZIP file containing an .MP4 video (runtime 4 hours), along with photo gallery of images and reference illustrations.

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