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Lip Sync Pro Animation Dialogue and X-Sheet Program

Lip Sync Pro Animation Dialogue and X-Sheet Program

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Lip Sync Pro is a software application for planning ("breaking down") dialogue for animation into Exposure-Sheets. Otherwise known as X-Sheets. This helps you match the mouth shape of your stop motion puppets with the voices you recorded.

Simply record a .WAV file of your or an actors voice that you would like your puppet to speak. You can do this in a free program such as Audacity with a microphone on your laptop or computer. Then open it in Lip Sync Pro and choose how many frames per second your animation will be.

After opening you will be able to move through the frames, listening to what the mouth shapes should be. If your actor speaks the word CAT, then it may look something like this:

-1 C
-2 C
-3 A
-4 A
-5 T
-6 T

Click the corresponding mouth shape and play back a test to see if the audio lines up with the exposure sheet. If it does, print it out or use it on a computer next to your puppet that you plan to animate.

Then, once your puppet is ready to speak the word cat, check off the frames on your X-Sheet as you go.

Your animated mouths will sync up with the voice actors voice perfectly when the animation is aligned with your voice track in an editing program. Davinci Resolve, Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere are programs where you can combine your audio to your animation.

This is how voices have been added to animation since the beginning of sound on film. Only its super simple now with programs like Lip Sync Pro.

LSP has many features, including...

- zooming into the audio track
- looping, scrubbing
- utilizing different frame rates
- adding notes
- allowing custom mouth shapes for testing
- exporting into different file types


Lip Sync Pro is compatible with Windows 10 and up!

Tech Support and Resources

One of the things that sets Lip Sync Pro apart from other programs is the excellent tech support that is standing by to help after your purchase.

What happens after I purchase the Lip Sync Pro download from your site?

Once you complete your order you will get a license key and instructions within 24 hours (sometimes a little longer on weekends) sent to your e-mail on how to get started.

In the e-mail you will receive a serial number so you can download and unlock your copy of Lip Sync Pro.

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