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Making and Improving Modeling Clay (Instant Download)

Making and Improving Modeling Clay (Instant Download)

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Have you ever wondered how to make your own clay? Would you like to improve the clay you have? If so this is a book that reveals everything you need to know.

This PDF e-book download called Making and Improving Modeling Clay has information you won't find anywhere else. In fact much of the clay you see in stores uses extremely guarded formulas. The e-book is very rare knowledge on exactly how to make real oil based Plasticine.

Author Don Carlson searched, experimented and created different clay just for this book. He experimented with his formulas over many months and in the end he learned many of the secret techniques.

In Making and Improving Modeling Clay, Don explains in detail how to....

- Make clay and what ingredients you need
- Smooth clay, plus what tools and solvents to use

- Improve the clay you already have with added ingredients
- Firm clay with added ingredients

- Soften clay using easy to find oils
- Use different techniques for melting clay for mixing

- Color clay to get the exact colors you need

The 27 page book may seem short, but it is jam packed with (never seen before) formulas, techniques, pictures and lists of ingredients.

If you want complete control over the clay you use for sculpting or puppet making, this book covers it all.

After purchasing you will get an instant .PDF download link so you can start reading right away!

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