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Psycho Styrene Modelers Magazine 13 PDF Pack! (Instant Download)

Psycho Styrene Modelers Magazine 13 PDF Pack! (Instant Download)

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Are you a fan of hand crafted practical effects in films and model making? Psycho Styrene is a magazine series (13 in total) that has tutorials and tips for both the beginner and the more advanced modeler to try.

Psycho Styrene covers everything from diorama set building, painting models and kits realistically, weathering tricks, kit/product reviews, mold making and of course - making stop motion puppets!

Some issues have interviews with expert modelers and model companies. There are tons of pictures, you can see every step in the process of building models and miniatures. It's an excellent resource for anyone who wants to build props, ships and puppets for their films.

Issue 8 covers the history of Dynamation with Richard Svensson and other issues show how to build space ships, tanks, robots and more. You can even learn how to light things using LED's. One model maker even builds a replica of the famous AT-AT's of Empire Strikes Back stop motion fame.

If you are willing to work with your hands, Psycho Styrene will inspire and guide you to build and paint your models. You'll be able to create more realistic models, sets and props for your films direct from the pro's!

What you get will be a zipped file with all 12 PDF issues to instantly download after purchasing.

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