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Puppet Putty for Clay Animators

Puppet Putty for Clay Animators

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Puppet Putty is a brand new invention that is made specifically for clay animators. Puppet Putty is 1/3 lighter than regular clay. This means puppets are less likely to fall over during animation, plus you don't need as stiff of an armature.

The putty is also more firm than generic modelling clay. This means finger prints are not as likely to show up as you move your puppet parts. If you want to work fast, Puppet Putty can be microwaved for 10 seconds on defrost to soften it safely.

Another great feature is the way the clay bends. It is less likely to crack in most normal temperatures. This means less work patching up elbows and knees as you bend them.

Working properties:

* Can be bent back and forth often without cracking!
* No bleed off on hands
* Matte
* cleans up with water
* 1/3 lighter weight than modeling "clay"
* Firm Consistency (no fingerprints)
* Silky texture
* Non-greasy

The above video showcases the Glow formula. Puppet Putty Green Glow is the same Puppet Putty formula, but this new version glows in the dark!

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