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Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed 3 Paperback

Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed 3 Paperback

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Secrets of Clay Animation Revealed is a book written with all the how-to methods the experts use to make clay and stop motion animated films from start to finish.

After reading Secrets you will know how to create several types of armatures, learn how puppets are sculpted, make a motion control rig, light your sets, make your own surface gauges, use video reference and more.

There are over 100 topics for both the amateur and the professional to learn. Click here to read the .PDF list of contents.


There are many updates to Secrets Revealed in version 3. We have plenty more to read, but more importantly we have several great and insightful interviews with some of today's stop motion stars. They include.....

- Animator Anthony Scott who animated on Nightmare Before Christmas answers many questions about how he likes to animate.
- Kathi Zung who was one of lead puppet fabricators on MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch. She talks about all her puppet making tricks.
- Animator Brad Schiff who works at Laika Studios in Portland Oregon and talks about his experiences and methods in the industry.
- Justin Rasch, a rising stop motion film maker who recently won many awards for his short film Gerald's Last Day. Justin talks about balancing his family with his films and more.
- Armature maker Jeremy Spake tells how he got started and how he ended up making ball and socket armatures for Henry Selick's Coraline feature film.

"Finally someone has taken the time to collect and assemble so many tips, techniques, and industry secrets in one convenient location. Now instead of spending years searching for these clay animation techniques I can spend that time applying them. Thanks Marc for writing such a valuable and informative resource." ~ Mike Behunin

In Secrets you get rare behind the scenes color photos of the California Raisins, Wiltshire Pig, Mark Twain, Herb and Rex, The Little Prince, and many more.

Get your copy today so that you can start making films you are proud of. Plus if you do not like the book for any reason you can get a 100% refund within 30 days no questions asked!

The printed book has creme colored pages, black and white pictures and is over 219 pages long.

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