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Zombie Pirates Behind the Scenes Photo E-Book (Instant Download)

Zombie Pirates Behind the Scenes Photo E-Book (Instant Download)

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Are you a fan of the Zombie Pirate film Marc created? Did you ever wonder how he made the puppets, sets and props?

This jam packed photo book consists of many of Marc Spess' early works and an extensive image gallery of his Zombie Pirates production. While it's not as thorough as our Secrets of Clay Animation book, there are things in here that you won't find anywhere else.

Get sculpting tips, see never before seen pictures from the Plum Crazy film, Teddy Bear's Mistake and of course Zombie Pirates.

See detailed armature pictures, learn the basics of mouth replacements, see Captain Quill and the Mermaid created in a series of images, see the break-down of an animated scene, story boards, prop construction, mold making and set building.

If your interested in learning what goes into a serious clay animated film production you will not only be inspired but you can learn a lot of tips!

Learn the process visually as if you are in Marc's studio. After ordering you will get a link to instantly download this 33 page e-book.

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