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Zu3D M-Edition Stop Motion Capture Software

Zu3D M-Edition Stop Motion Capture Software

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Zu3D was created to allow children (and adults) of all ages to make amazing animated films quickly and easily.

Zu3D combines a polished intuitive interface with stunningly powerful features, Zu3D Studio3 combines automatic chroma-keying, unlimited layers of audio and video, exciting titles and advanced drawing tools with an extensive library of sound effects, music, graphics, backgrounds and titles. Unlocking the film-making and storytelling potential in everyone whatever their technical ability.

Zu3D Features:

-Capture images from webcam/DV camera
-Speed up and slow down your film
-Playback your film at any time
-Delete frames at any time
-Onion Skinning (unlimited layers)
-Network Compatible
-Import sound effects and music
-Record narration
-Unlimited layers of audio
-Extended library of sound effects and music
-Titles and Credits
-Import video
-Import images

"Zu3D is an intuitive and surprisingly powerful piece of software. It can be tailored to cover all age ranges and abilities."
- PC Pro Magazine ( Jay Stansfield )

More Features....
-Export as WMV, AVI or FLV
-Upload to the Zu3D online gallery
-Speech bubbles -Automatic green-screening / chroma Key
-Create hand drawn animations
-Draw onto captured frames
-Rig-removal / magic rubber
-Unlimited layers of video

Minimum Specification: PC: Windows 7, 8 or 10 and a 1.4Ghz or equivalent processor, .net framework 4.5.2 or above MAC: OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher. iPad: iOS8 or higher

PC & Mac 1GB Windows7 350MB Disk Space, 800*600 resolution screen.

Recommended Specification: 2.06Ghz+ Processor, 2GB RAM 500GB+ Disk Space, 1024*768 or greater resolution screen. If you are using XP or Vista we have an older version of Zu3D available which is compatible. Just contact us if that is what you need.

What Happens After I Purchase?

After buying ZU3D, you will get your (perpetual/unlimited) license key and instructions sent to your email on how to download the full version within a maximum of 24-48 hours. Then you can animate and take advantage of all the benefits of ZU3D without any limits!

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