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Bend-D's [Advanced] Armature 3-D Printable Files (Instant Download)

Bend-D's [Advanced] Armature 3-D Printable Files (Instant Download)

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Do you own a 3-D printer of have access to one? Then you can print out your own Bend-D's Advanced Armature Kit (8.6 inch model). You will get a zipped file that includes both pre-sliced parts and .STL files for you to slice on your own favorite slicer program. You can print it right away on your own printer after purchase.

*It is always best to use the slicer settings for your specific printer for best results.

The Bend-D's Advanced Armature Printables Zip Includes:

- GCode to print the hands and bones in PLA
- GCode to print the head and 2X jaws in PLA
- GCode to print the chest, rig connector and hips in PLA
- GCode to print the entire kit (for larger 3D printers) in PLA
- Bend-D's Advanced Hips, Shoulders and Connectors .STL file (use a knife to remove the square support on spine piece)
- Bend-D's Advanced Bones .STL file
- Bend-D's Advanced Feet X4 .STL file
- Bend-D's Advanced Hands .STL file
- Bend-D's Advanced Skull and Jaw X2 .STL file
- 1X Instruction Sheet
- Manual .PDF
- Image preview of the parts

What you need for the Advanced Bend-D's Armature:

- 1X 24 foot spool of 1/16" wire
- 1X 3 foot spool of 1mm wire
- 2X stainless steel M-4 tie downs (2X long bolts 2X wing nuts)
- 12X M-4 nuts and 8X bolts
- 2X drilled 5/16" Delrin eye balls
- a 1/16" drill bit to drill any holes that are a little too snug for the wire
- Wire snips
- Needle nosed pliers (tape over the ends to avoid nicking the wire)
- Hex wrenches (to remove the replacement parts)

After you print your kit, make sure to watch the Advanced kit demonstration video here.

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