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Bend-D's Puppet Spine Attachment

Bend-D's Puppet Spine Attachment

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Our spine attachment allows you to attach our Bend-Ds flying rig to any armature (not just Bend-D's armature kits)  in order to make it jump or fly. Simply slide and epoxy the attachment over the spine of an armature of your choice.

The central hole will allow up to 3 strands of 1/16 inch wire to be inserted or up to M-3 rods. Use a five minute epoxy to glue the attachment to your armature.

Once this attachment is connected to your puppet, the rig connectors on our rigs (spares sold here) securely attach to your puppet.

Bend-D's Spine Attachments Include:

1X 3-D printed PLA plastic spine attachment
2X M-4 nuts

What you need (not included):

- M-4 bolts (these are included with our kits, rig connector and rigs)
- A Bend-Ds Rig Connector

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