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Bend-D's [Simple] Armature 3-D Printable Files (Instant Download)

Bend-D's [Simple] Armature 3-D Printable Files (Instant Download)

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Do you own a 3-D printer of have access to one? Then you can print out your own Bend-D's Simple Armature Kit (7.5 inch model). You will get a zipped file that includes both sliced parts that you can print right away on your own printer.

It is always best to use the slicer settings for your specific printer for best results.

The Bend-D's Simple Armature Printables Zip Includes:

- GCode to print the hands, body and feet in PLA
- GCode to print the head and 1X jaw in PLA
- Bend-D's Simple Bones .STL file
- Bend-D's Simple Feet .STL file
- Bend-D's Simple Hands .STL file
- Bend-D's Simple Hips .STL file
- Bend-D's Simple Shoulders .STL file
- Bend-D's Simple Skull and Jaw X1.STL file
- 1X Instruction Sheet
- Manual .PDF
- Image preview of the parts

What you need for the Simple Bend-D's Armature:

- A 1/16" drill bit to drill any holes that are too snug for the wire
- Wire snips or cutters
- Loctite Quick Set 5 Minute Epoxy (for every 2 kits)
- Needle nosed pliers (tape over the ends to avoid nicking the wire)
- 1X 24 foot spool of 1/16" wire
- 1X 3 foot spool of 1mm wire
- 2X stainless steel M-4 tie downs
- 6X M-4 nuts
- 2X drilled 5/16" Delrin eye balls
- Hex wrenches (to remove the replacement parts)

After you print your kit, make sure to watch the Simple kit assembly video here.

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