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Bend-D's [Advanced] Stop Motion Armature Kit 8.6 inch

Bend-D's [Advanced] Stop Motion Armature Kit 8.6 inch

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The Bend-D's [Advanced] kits includes special annealed aluminum armature wire that is very long lasting. However, the Advanced version has the ability to remove the arms, legs, head and torso and replace those sections just in case.

The updated skull and jaw both have extra holes to replace the neck and jaw wires if needed too!

All you need to do is to twist the included wire together, cut it to length and then epoxy  the wire into the tube sections. Follow the included hint sheet that come with your kit to make sure your kit goes together the right way. Then your Bend-D's armature will be ready to animate!

Bend-D's Armature Kits Include:

1X 3-D printed PLA plastic 8.6 inch tall armature kit
1X FREE Loctite Quick Set 5 Minute Epoxy (for every 2 kits)
1X extra set of hands, feet, jaw and all replacement tubes
1X 24 foot spool of 1/16" wire
1X 3 foot spool of 1mm wire
2X stainless steel M-4 tie downs (2X long bolts 2X wing nuts)
12X M-4 nuts and 8X bolts
2X drilled Delrin eye balls
1X Free jumping rig attachment
1X Instruction Sheet

Basic tools you'll need (not included):

- a 1/16" drill bit to drill any holes that are a little too snug for the wire
- wire snips
- needle nosed pliers (with tape over the ends to avoid nicking the wire)
- hex wrenches (to remove the replacement parts)
- a rig if you want your character to jump by clicking here.

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