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Bend-D's [Simple] Stop Motion Armature Kit 7.5 inch

Bend-D's [Simple] Stop Motion Armature Kit 7.5 inch

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Want to animate but need an affordable stop motion armature? Bend-D's kits are made of 3-D printed plastic and come in many colors.

All you need to do is apply the included 5 minute epoxy into the different sections, then you're ready to animate! The included wire is a special annealed aluminum wire that is very long lasting and does not break easily.

Make clothes, build up foam to shape them, add clay, or animate them as-is! Bend-D's are easy to customize to your needs. 

Design update! Wrists and hands (including the simple kit) allow you to replace the wires up to three times now!

Bend-D's Armature Kits Include:

1X Instruction Sheet
1X 3-D printed PLA plastic armature kit
1X FREE Loctite Quick Set 5 Minute Epoxy (for every 2 kits)
1X 24 foot spool of 1/16" wire
1X 3 foot spool of 1mm wire
2X stainless steel M-4 tie downs
6X M-4 nuts
2X drilled Delrin eye balls

What you need (not included):

- a 1/16" drill bit to drill any holes that are too snug for the wire
- wire snips
- needle nosed pliers
- This link to the instructional video
- a rig if you want your character to jump by clicking here.

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