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How to Animate Stop Motion Puppets (3 hours 35 minutes) Instant Download

How to Animate Stop Motion Puppets (3 hours 35 minutes) Instant Download

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How to Animate Puppets will help you to be a better animator. With over three hours of video, every possible animation trick is explained.

Here are some of the things that are covered:

- How to set a film camera's exposure using a light meter
- How to animate the camera using motion control
- How to buy 16mm film and what to look for

- How to secure your miniature movie set, camera, and lights
- How to set up a video camera to monitor your animation on a TV
- How to use single or multiple surface gauges

- How to time different motions of your puppets parts
- How to modify the face and eyes of your puppet
- How to animate lead wire and aluminum wire armatures

Testimonial:"I purchased the how to animate video, and am happy to announce that this is the, most informative video I have ever seen on the subject of animation. This treasure-trove of information is loaded with, the how to's on everything from basic movements, and using surface gauges, to making replacement mouth shapes, and re-sculpting your old mouth for animation. This informative film also deals with set construction, and camera types, and all the little tricks of the trade you'll need to know. After watching this film you'll be able to start making your own film, and start your career in animation." ~Dennis Badeau

The video was created by animator Marc Spess who has worked on many clay animated commercials ranging from the Cartoon Network to Warner Brothers. He will show you...

- How to make and use exposure sheets
- How to make a puppet walk
- How to make special aluminum feet and basic tie downs
- How to choose the type of wood for your set floor
- How to make replacement mouth shapes

- How to keep your puppet clean from dirt
- How to clean a puppet once it gets dirty
- How to ease in and ease out properly

- Understanding a simple flying rig
- Fixing cracked body parts

- View some basic software programs to help you animate

UPDATE: We now have combined our first set of animation videos with the newest update! In this jam packed video update we talk about more recent technology involved to get you up to speed with today's technology.

In this second included video, Marc talks about...

- new helpful books to help you understand the animation process.
- story-boarding basics and helpful software
- choosing aspect ratios for your film

- lip sync
- choosing a microphone
- audio recording programs (free and not free)

- working with voice actors
- breaking down voices in all the different programs
- Dragonframe, Lip Sync Pro, Magpie and other tutorials (free and not free)

- different replacement mouths you can create
- 3-D printable replacement faces, how to make them for free
- clay replacement mouths

- phonemes
- tips for realistically animating the mouths
- solving the problem of puppets with tiny mouths or no mouths at all

- the poor mans motion control camera and how to build one
- the poor mans motion control track and how to build it

If you need help choosing software that is right for you, or you want to save a little and use free programs - this video covers that and more.

Testimonial "After watch the "How to Animate Puppets video" it gets clear in my mind some things that I don't know how to do before. The teach method is very simple an can be understand by anyone". ~Tancredo Cortizo Freire

How to Animate Puppets will make it easy for you to understand all of these secrets and more! If your thinking of getting a job in this field, this video is the #1 source of this hard to find information.

You will get a 1.65GB .ZIP file containing the two .MP4 videos

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